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Dedicated Server For Mac

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Dedicated Server For Mac

Postby ThatGuySam on Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:26 pm

Here is a tutorial on how to make a dedicated server on a Mac.

1. Open Terminal which you should find in the Applications folder then go to Utilities on your Mac.

2. Go into your Mac OS folder that is inside your Contents folder inside ThinkTanks.

3. There should be a document in there called ThinkTanks OSX, drag it into the Terminal window.

4. This should come up in your Terminal window after you drag it:
/Applications/ThinkTanks.app/Contents/MacOS/ThinkTanks\ OSX

5. After OSX type -dedicated -mission game/data/missions/CHOOSE A MISSION -Game CHOOSE A GAMETYPE

6. Replace CHOOSE A MISSION with a mission like, TT1_1.mis and Replace CHOOSE A GAMETYPE with a gametype, B (Battlemode), TB (Team Battlemode), S (Scrum) and TS (Team Scrum).

7. It should look something like this now:

/Applications/ThinkTanks.app/Contents/MacOS/ThinkTanks\ OSX -dedicated -mission game/data/missions/TT1_1.mis -Game B

8. Press Return (Enter on PC)

It should start. Keep Terminal open and your server will stay up.


TT1_1.mis: Medulla Mesa
TT1_2.mis: Hypothalamus Hills
TT1_3.mis: Cranium Crater
TT1_4.mis: Freudian Flats
TT2_1.mis: Hippocampus Hollow
TT2_2.mis: Comatose Canyon
TT2_3.mis: Greymatter Gorge
TT2_4.mis: Pituitary Plateau
TT3_1.mis: Synaptic Slopes
TT3_2.mis: Ganglia Gully
TT3_3.mis: Neurotic Nexus
TT3_4.mis: Receptor Ridge

This has been edited from the original version (posted on 14/08/2008 by pinkfloyd) so that it applies to the latest version of OS X (OS 10.8 Mountain Lion)

A mission you have made using TGE will work as well
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