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*IP JOINER THREAD* (Updated- 5/11/2014)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:56 am
by CB
Ok folks , hopefully the master is not down for long but if it ever does go for good, the more folks in contact the better.

If you don't have the IP Joiner , Click the link below to go to Dazzles Box site where you can download the IP Joiner, Instructions and latest ipjoinerpreferences.cs


Follow the instructions in the download


1. Download the IP Joiner from:
2. Once downloaded you need to unzip and extract the contents of the zip, when you have done this you will have a folder called IPJoiner
3. Copy the folder
4. From your ThinkTanks folder: double click the game folder, then double click the client folder, then double click the scripts folder and paste the IPJoiner folder in here
5. Download the IPJoinerPreferences.cs file from:
6. Click on and open the IPjoiner folder and place the downloaded IPJoinerPreferences.cs into this location replacing 6he existing file
7. In this same location find the file called IPJoinerPreferences.cs.dso and delete it
8. Click the back button 4 times so that you are back in the main ThinkTanks folder
9. Look for a file called main, right click this file and open with notepad Scroll to the very bottom of the text And insert this line: exec("game/client/scripts/IPJoiner/IPJoinerMain.cs");
10. save the main file and close down all windows, you have now installed the IP Joiner

How to use the IP Joiner

After installing the IP Joiner will notice a new button on the join game screen above the server list that says “Join IP”. If you click this button the server list goes blank, but this is where you will see your saved server IP addresses once you have added them. You can add as many servers as you want to the IP joiner list. To add servers to your list all you have to do is use ALT+P when you are playing in a server that you want to add to your IP Join list and the IP joiner does the rest, it even gives you a message in the game chat window confirming that the server has been added.

Once you have added servers to your list when you press the Join IP button you will now see them displayed on a list, then simply select the server you want and join as normal. A new feature of the 3.1 IP Joiner is that as well as saving IP’s in game using ALT+P you can also join servers manually. To do this click the “Join IP” button to see your saved IP list and you will see the top option says “Join an IP”, if you select this and click “join” a new window will open where you can manually enter the IP and Port number of the server, there are also options to enter a server pass if it is locked and select green or blue teams. When manually entering the format must be as follows: is the IP address of the server and 28000 is the servers Port number. The IP and Port must be separated by a colon ( : )

So when you have installed this pack visit your favourite servers and use ALT+P to add them to your list and the next time the Garage Games master server is down and the server list is blank hit the Join IP button and select your favourite server so you can still play TT.

You can always edit your IP joiner manually by going to the game/client/scripts/ IPJoiner folder and locating a file called IPJoinerPreferences.cs. Open this file with notepad or any other text editor and you will see something like these examples:
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[1] = "";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[1] = "Dazzle’s Server";

$IPJoiner::SaveIP[2] = " ENC15449C97F7F726B748185ECF90BF7A431E BA6165E82AC7AC054E87B ";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[2] = "DASH BASH";

The first example uses an IP address and port number to join the game and the second example uses and encrypted IP and port number to join the game. You can add, delete or edit this file as you require.

IF you manually edit the IPJoinerPreferences.cs, once you have saved it you must find the IPJoinerPreferences.cs.dso file in the same folder and delete it for any changes to take effect

The following code can be copied to your IPJoinerPreferences.cs and covers all active servers as of 5/11/2014 or download a ready made version from:

Code: Select all
//Art Crazy's IP Joiner Code File
$IPJoiner::AutoSaver::Keybind = "alt p";

$IPJoiner::SaveIP[1] = "ENC1932999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD15ED5 352DDDC6C1AA3 6";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[1] = ">>> Battle Royale <<<";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[2] = "ENC1943999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD15B117C36C08F7D DD6E8";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[2] = "Dazzles (Stock Lush) TB";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[3] = "ENC1101999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD15A11FF7BFCE65191 3CE";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[3] = "Dazzles Battlemode Modz";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[4] = "ENC1987999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD15FD55C516DF97CA8CA9A";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[4] = ">>> Battle Royale <<<";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[5] = "ENC1903999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD15DF18E21D1D2FF56AD7E";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[5] = "CTF Recreation DazzleUSA";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[6] = "ENC1477999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD1584533DA C6F609D369A";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[6] = "Dazzles (Stock Lush) S";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[7] = "ENC1909999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD155816E59B0C54BA34BA3";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[7] = "Roo's ScruMODz @ Dazzles";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[8] = "ENC1987999316C7BF19862051215F5B739DD15CF1AFE653 82B243E82";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[8] = "RollerBall World Series";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[9] = "ENC19929A967B9970BE1A5A443D C1E2A1179 BBA CD3DE7F39778EE3B1C1C4";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[9] = "CB's (Stock Lush) (TS)";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[10] = "ENC13949A967B9970BE1A5A443D C1E2A1179 BBA DD6 140EFA249 7D54462";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[10] = "CB's Stock Lush (S)";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[11] = "ENC13049A967B9970BE1A5A443D C1E2A1179 BBA CD7121BC1C5D1F782396E";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[11] = "CB's (Stock Lush) (TB)";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[12] = "ENC13129A967B9970BE1A5A443D C1E2A1179 BBA DD1CD53AE F901199B7B3";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[12] = "CB's (Stock Lush) (B)";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[13] = "ENC10899A967B9970BE1A5A443D C1E2A1179 BBA CD611484B58C84B14DAFC";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[13] = "CB's (Mod Lush) (TB)";
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[14] = "ENC18079A967B9970BE1A5A443D C1E2A1179 BBA DD4E7ACC07B898085BFDC";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[14] = "CB's (X-Pack Maps) (TB)";

This one's no good

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 8:49 am
by Blind Cide
You can take this one off the list.

$SavedIP::Save::IP[10] = ""; *
$SavedIP::Save::Name[10] = "banlist";
$SavedIP::Save::Number[10] = true;

for IP joiner v3.0 users

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 9:45 am
by @uré
$IPJoiner::SaveIP[1] = "ENC13059A981DBFF8671624CC637A5CF4FCBA3E15B23E4845E9B928EB5F";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[1] = "Team Scrum at @uré";

How can we use old non ecrypted IP w/ new version ? not possible ??

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:41 am
by Cassie
For when we might ever need it;
Tutorial to create a masterserver

Having trouble

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:06 pm
by MR Ed
Having some trouble using the ipjoiner.

I changed the default server list in IPJoinerPreferences.cs to this: (Joiner V3)

//Art Crazy's IP Joiner Code File
$IPJoiner::AutoSaver::Keybind = "alt p";

$IPJoiner::SaveIP[0] = "";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[0] "Scrumbag";

$IPJoiner::SaveIP[1] = "";
$IPJoiner::SaveName[1] = "blind Cides banlist indy scrum";

The Button and GUI for show up in game, but server list still only shows the IP joiner and 1 server. (The default test server, which is no longer in the IPJoinerPreferences.cs file!)

Also tried using manul IP join on 3 diffrent servers, and all say connection to server has timed out.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 3:19 pm
by CB
Using any ip joiner,, enter this in one of the fields, ( This will get you into CB Stock Lush server. I use the first original IP Joiner. Download from the link at the top of the thread.

I was playing with Belikin in this server so I know it works.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:49 pm
by Spirit ^VT^
I have a question as a 'IP Joiner Newbie" - when I download I Joiner, will there be an area on the main screen of TT to enter an IP?


PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 5:30 pm
by CB
^ yes if you use the original ip joiner,, the first download link on thread header.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:07 pm
by fishtank

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 12:12 pm
by UAE Dragon
original ip joiner not working for me CB :cry: