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Re: >>>>> UF <<<<<

yeah, thats the problem...

we need more WARS!!! :lol:
by Salmon Sam
Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:59 pm
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a few things~

Hey y'all, it's me, the one and only Salmon Sam. I've returned to ThinkTanks, and I have some updates, comments, and formatted text~

~Did you hear we're having games on Thursday nights? We had 5 players in the server last time, which is truly impressive for a game so old and dead. Games usually happen around 8:30 central time . We're trying to get more people playing, and we're in talks with some guy named "Cloud" about starting a team scrum server with good maps(not mine). It's the first time in history that it's important for us to sit on our butts and play video games as much as possible, so do. And if you haven't yet, join the Discord group - it's more active than ptt2: discord.gg/H7fGD6E
Screen Shot 04-09-20 at 10.11 PM.JPG
~It seems we're all in debt to Cloud and Phobik for keeping this game alive. Thanks. I also want to shout out Gray and Sheepy for continuing to play through the years. I've popped in every here and there and I could often get games with those two.

~I know you all have been pacing back and forth wondering what Salmon Sam has been up to, and I won't bore you with details, but I'm 24 now. I was a wee teenager when I was last active here. I've finally gained access to the special adult forum - smh. Also, my name's not Sam . IDK, I picked this name when I was 12. Call me Salmon , or if you want you can call me by my actual name, Levi .

~I noticed y'all spent some time making lists of the best scrummers, and I just want to express my extreme displeasure at being left off those lists. Even if I wasn't the most skilled, my influence alone should've been more than enough. Please be more thoughtful next time.

~I always thought one of the most fun things I did in a video game was PSL. It was so cool that you all did the work to organize those leagues - thanks to all those involved.

~I miss those players I used to Skype chat with. Shouts out to Hau BMT, w00t, parCAT, Dazzle, and others for talking to me.

~I play a few other games these days. If anyone wants to play Rocket League (on PS4), MKX or MK11 (PS4), Rainbow Six Siege (PS4), or Smash Bros (on Switch) add me! (usernames in bio)

pandemic scrum league??
by Salmon Sam
Sat Apr 11, 2020 11:13 pm
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